Jeff S. Cosman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Attis Industries, Inc., Mr. Cosman was the founder of Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc., a multi-regional solid waste company that went public through a series of transactions over the course of 4 years. Meridian Waste was acquired in April 2018 by Warren Equity Partners in a deal with an enterprise value of $103 Million. In four (4) years, Mr. Cosman acquired Meridian Waste Services, Christian Disposal, Eagle Ridge Landfill and Hauling and Container First Services, building a vertically integrated solid waste company with over $55 Million in revenue and over $12 Million of EBITDA.

Prior to building Meridian Waste from a private company to OTC Pink Sheet to OTC QB and subsequently to a NASDAQ listed company, Mr. Cosman founded a mobile application ("app") company and acquired a warehousing telecommunications company. The mobile app company was subsequently acquired by Attis Industries, Inc. in April 2017. Mobile Science Technologies is finalizing the build and launching its municipal platform for communication in May 2018. Its platform, Bright City is a mobile app for direct, 2-way communication between Bright City users and municipalities. Bright City fosters citizen sourced community engagement by making communications between citizens and cities easy.

In addition to Mr. Cosman negotiating, financing and acquiring six solid waste companies that consolidated as the solid waste assets of Meridian Waste, Mr. Cosman has negotiated, financed and has since consolidated multiple transactions in technology, healthcare and sustainable energy and plastics industries.

Mr. Cosman earned his B.S in Banking Finance & Managerial Finance from the University of Mississippi in 1992, as a Varsity Letterman in Baseball. Following a career with the New York Mets, after being drafted in 1993 as the 14th round pick, Mr. Cosman received a Bachelor of Accountancy degree in 1996.

Mr. Cosman is the son of Jim Cosman, Sr., former President & COO of Republic Services (NYSE: RSG). Jeff Cosman played an active role during the consolidation of Republic Services, specifically in the accounting consolidation, initial cultural integration and the reporting to Wall Street when Republic Services acquired 168 companies in 30 months, increasing its annual revenue from $500 Million to more than $2.1 Billion.

Thomas J. Cowee


Thomas J. Cowee has 37 years of experience in the environmental industry, including 15 years as a Chief Financial Officer. After retiring at the end of 2012, Mr. Cowee began serving as a board director for companies and is currently serving as a director on; Enviro Group, LLC and STC Investors, LLC, both privately owned environmental companies, both since 2015. Enviro Group, LLC is a hazardous trucking and transfer company, and STC Investors, LLC is primarily a refinery services and trucking company. Previously Mr. Cowee served as a director on the board of Rizzo Group, LLC, a privately owned solid waste collection, transfer and recycling business from 2014 to 2016, until sold. Mr. Cowee was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd, from 2005 to 2012. Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd (NYSE:BIN), was a publicly traded solid waste collection, transfer, recycling and landfill business, with operations in the United States and Canada. Mr. Cowee joined IESI Corporation in 1997 as its Chief Financial Officer and in 2000 was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer until IESI Corporation was acquired by Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd in 2005. From 1995 to 1997, he was Assistant Corporate Controller of USA Waste Services, Inc., and from 1979 to 1995 he held various field accounting positions with Waste Management Inc. Mr. Cowee has a B.Sc. in accounting from The Ohio State University.

Jackson Davis


Jackson Davis has more than 20 years experience in technology and technology leadership, previously holding roles with software development companies providing mobile infrastructure management and wholesale financing solutions. Mr. Davis holds a BSBA in Decision Science with concentration in Management Information Systems from East Carolina University and has extensive experience in guiding organizational business strategy to propel improvement and maximum impact, while focusing on cost-efficiency and productivity. He is currently Director of Financial and Business Services Applications for Cox Enterprises a leading communications, media, and automotive services company with revenues of $18 billion.

Joe Ardagna


Joe Ardagna combines 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry starting as an hourly kitchen employee to owning and operating a 28 restaurant chain in Atlanta and the Carolinas doing approximately $90 million in yearly sales. Mr. Ardagna oversaw all aspects of the business including but not limited to finance, legal, compensation, site selection, design and development, licensing and brand development. Mr. Ardagna sold a majority of his interest to a private equity group in 2011 and currently sits on the Board of Directors with the Company. In 2013, Mr. Ardagna started a new venture in the restaurant industry in Atlanta and currently oversees the operation of 4 pizza restaurants and the construction of a new store opening in February 2017. He has an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College in 1984 and serves on the Board of Trustees at the New Hampton School in New Hampshire.